"The absence of disease does not equal optimal wellness!"

You have likely been told by your regular physician that you are "fine" when you have come to them seeking help for a decline in you health & vitality. What Dr. Tami and her team of physicains and medical staff often hear every single day from patients like this is "But I don't feel 'fine'!" So, Vitality Medical Clinic was created to take patients from 'fine' to 'fabulous' by creating optimal health in their lives.

Vitality Medical Clinic transforms patients lives inside and out! Specializing in bio-identical hormones, nutrition, treatment of Adrenal Fatigue and more. Our IV room is used for vitamin & mineral infusions, heavy metal chelation, and to provide convenient blood draws to our patients.

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Optimize your health, sleep better, have more energy, prevent disease! Vitality Medical Clinic is here to help!

Vitality Medical Clinic is just that; a place to help create infinite Vitality by mimicking mother nature with Bio-identical Hormones, customized individual vitamin and mineral programmes, one hour doctor appointments and more.

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