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Non-Surgical FaceLift

Select from our non-surgical facelift treatments below to find out more information:

    Liquid Facelift (Vitalift™)
VITALIFT™ is a unique non-surgical face lift that combines dermal fillers, Venus Freeze, chemical peels and IPL laser treatments. Dr. Tami created the Vitalift™ procedure, or non-surgical face lift, to address the 3 aspects of aging: devolumization, descent, and deteriorization.Devolumization occurs from our skin losing the fatty tissue and collagen that create a plump, youthful appearance.
    Non-Surgical Nose Job
The Non Surgical Nose Job has become a popular alternative for many who seek to correct mild to moderate nasal imperfections, without having to undergo surgery.
    Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

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