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Melanage Peel Treatments

Who is a Candidate?
Melasma is a brown discolouration that is often made worse with hormones (pregnancy, contraceptive pills) and sun exposure. The Melanage Peel is designed to get into where this pigmentation originates. The peel sits on the skin for a number of hours and works its way down slowly and safely into these deepest layers. Once the peel is rinsed away the skin begins to rapidly exfoliate and shed skin cells along with the discoloration caused by the hyperpigmentation (also called melasma or mask of pregnancy). Dramatic results occur after just one treatment and results can be maintained with simple at home protocols.

Melanage Procedure

The Melanage Peel is our most powerful and intense peel - and is administered by Dr. Tami herself.

This painless peel procedure takes about 20 minutes and is done in office. Patients should be prepared to leave with a sticky, shiny 'mask' on their face and must plan to leave it on anywhere from 6 to 10 hours before rinsing it off at home. Patients leave the clinic with a complete home care kit of products and instructions.

Preparing for Melanage

We advise our Melanage peel patients to stop using Retinoic acids for at least 2 weeks prior to their scheduled peel date.

Recuperation & Healing

The Melanage peel is our most aggressive peel and patients will peel for several days following the peel and be intensely red for up to 10 days. The skin can remain pink for up to 3-6 months but can be easily covered by makeup after the first week. Most patients describe the healing process as 'having a sunburn'. Patients must stay out of the sun and must keep their skin moist during the healing process. Once the skin is healed patients must adhere to a post peel skincare regimen and be committed to sunscreen to protect the great results they will receive from the treatment.

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