Lip Treatments Seattle WA

Lip Treatments

There are many reasons people would like their lips treated. Younger people may want to augment their lips to give a fuller look. Those over the age of 40 may find that their lips are not as full as when they were in their 20's. This is due to collagen, fat and bone loss in the jaw.

Lip Line Treatments

Additionally, lip lines (vertical lines around the mouth) may occur in anyone; you do not have to have a history of smoking or drinking from a straw.

Lip Fullness

Fullness to the lips is best done with a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler such as Restylane®. Fillers such as Radiesse® should never be placed in the lips as it can cause permanent lumps. HA fillers provide a natural and soft fullness to the lips when placed correctly.

Lip Lines are not well treated with fillers, though the lines closest to the lips will improve with filler injections. The best treatment for lip lines is a combination of Fractional laser or resurfacing and Botox® to prevent the lines from returning.

Lastly, the corners of the lips and mouth can turn downward over time. This is also due to volume loss. An excellent treatment for this is injecting the Depressor Angularis Oris muscle with Botox® to inhibit this muscle from pulling the corners of the mouth downward and an HA filler to support the volume loss that has occurred.

The lips require treatment from an experienced injector as it can have wonderful or deleterious outcome.

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