Got questions about hCG weight loss? Seattle’s own Vitality MediSpa has answers!

Is hCG safe?
Yes! hCG is a safe slimming treatment for both men and women. As recently reported on the Dr. Oz show, this weight loss program is not only safe, it really works. Vitality MediSpa uses only the injectable form of hCG, which (unlike the oral tablet form) has been tested and proven safe through extensive studies over forty years. Vitality also sources all of its hCG prescriptions from a licensed and certified U.S. pharmacy. Outside of its use in weight loss, hCG is approved in three other medical uses; read the FDA statement about its use in weight loss.

How did hCG become used in weight loss?
The hCG weight loss program was initially discovered in 1954 by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. After spending years trying to understand what caused obesity, he discovered the hormone ‘human chorionic gonadotrophin’ (hCG) and its role in the body’s use of fat, which resulted in a significant breakthrough in using the body’s own innate system to burn fat.

Will hCG affect my menstrual cycle?
Possibly, on an individual basis. Some women have reported changes in an increased or decreased flow; most report no significant change at all. If you do experience changes, rest assured they are temporary and will cause no health concerns.

Do I need to adjust my hCG program while menstruating?
Yes: on the first day of full flow menstruation, stop taking hCG for three days. The rest of your protocol will remain unchanged.

Does my fertility increase while on hCG?
No. hCG does not cause an increase or decrease in your fertility. hCG doses are small and do not alter your chances of becoming pregnant, nor will they decrease the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Having said that, many women desiring to become pregnant have PCOS and weight loss significantly increases their chances of becoming pregnant after the hCG diet has been completed.

Will I test positive for a pregnancy test?
No. hCG will not cause a “positive” result.

Can I do the hCG diet if I am pregnant?
No. The hCG diet is not recommended for women who are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant.

Can I do the hCG diet if I am breastfeeding?
No. The hCG diet is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

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