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Hair Removal

Cycles of hair growth play a major role in your hair removal treatment regimen. Hair growth can be affected by a variety of things, heredity, stress, medication, and hormonal changes. Hair has three phases of growth: Anagen, Categen, Telogen.

Anagen (growth phase) : This is the "perfect" stage for Laser Hair Removal. The hair is grown and it is visible above the skin and can be treated. The hair shaft is attached to the papilla, thus enabling the laser to attack the melanin in the shaft and disable the papilla.

Catagen (transition phase) : the "perfect" stage for treatment has passed. The growth process has reversed itself and the hair is getting ready to shed.

Telogen (resting phase): This is the final stage. The hair is neither developing nor growing. It can not be treated during this stage, as it usually is not visible above the skin. For laser treatment the hair shaft is fully detached from the papilla, thus not allowing the laser to attack the melanin in the shaft and disable the papilla.

Body Hair Removal

It can take 4 to 12 weeks for a hair to grow from the matrix, or papilla, to the surface of the skin, depending on the area of the body or face. These cycles can vary somewhat from individual to individual. Additionally, Identifying the correct wavelength for your hair and skin type is critical for a successful result. Vitality’s laser technicians are Nationally certified Laser Technicians in addition to their training as aestheticians.

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