Aging Treatments & Skin Conditions

Conditions & Treatments

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    Aging Skin
Dr. Tami describes the aging of our skin as the 3 D's; Deflation, Descent and Deterioration.
    Broken Capillaries / Facial Veins
Broken Capillaries, telangiectasias, veins; there are many names for unsightly purple or red veins that show through the skin on the face or body.
    Melasma / Brown Spots
Most brown spots on the skin are caused by sunlight, UV radiation or aging changes.
    Volume Loss / Tired Looking
Volume loss is one of the most significant aspects in the aging face and can start as early as our late 20's.
There are many reasons people would like their lips treated. Injections at Vitality Medispa and always done by a board certified MD.
    Loose or Lax Skin
Loose skin can occur in the face from the aging process, from weight loss and from hormonal imbalances.
    Rosacea / Redness
Redness in the face may be mild in which case a series of IPL treatments can treat if very successfully. Redness can also be Rosacea.
    Wrinkles & Lines
Wrinkles and lines represent deterioration of the collagen and elastin of the skin.
    Hair Removal
Cycles of hair growth play a major role in your hair removal treatment regimen.
    Acne Programme
In order to successfully treat acne, one needs to have all the possible root causes evaluated and treated.

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