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Acne Treatment

There are many different types of acne and there are many different causes. In truth, acne is a multi-factorial problem and without treating it using multiple modalities it will not be successful long term

Root Cause of Acne:
1. Oil production
2. Bacteria growth (P.Acnes) causing an infection and inflammatory reaction
3. Keratinized layer on the top of the skin traps the bacteria and the oil
4. Scarring and hyperpigmentation

The above can be affected by hormones, environment, cosmetics, food allergies or sensitivities, stress (as it changes the hormones), medications.

Acne Treatment Program

In order to successfully treat acne, one needs to have all the possible root causes evaluated and treated. At Vitality we have customized acne programs to detect and treat the causes of your acne and ensure you have long term success.

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